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hairbright Straightener cream

Aromatic Mild containing nutrition it can protect the hair from damaging, make the hair healthy, bright and elegant 

200 ml 

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  •           Stop using it in case of damage skin, hair shedding or allergy
  •           Bleached , dyed , permed hair is subject to damage it is applicable to the hair only
  •           This product not for household. it can be used by professional only


How to use:

  •           Wash the hair completely
  •           Dry the hair until nearly dry and apply the straightener to the hair by section 2 cm aay from the root ( don’t daub it to the scalp)
  •           Massage he hair and make hair straightener spread on it evenly. it can be added  more and daub for twice for long hair , then comb the hair
  •           After waiting got several minutes observe the status of hair to judge the extent of iterating i.e. take out 2 or 3 strands of hair to see whether it is that previous one
  •           After shampooing , dry the hair
  •           Stratify the hair from bottom to top and straighten the hair by straightener  


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hairbright Straightener cream