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Magicreazy Hair Color Cream

Magicrazy colors  , hair dyeing cream with new and carzy colors ( blue, yellow, red...)

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Important ! read carefully precautions and direction to for use before using this prodcut .

Hair dye may cause severe allergic reaction it is therefore essential to read carefully direction for use and follow these precautions . Do not color your hair if you have any rash on your face or sensitive irritated and damaged scalp, you have ever experienced any reaction after coloring your hair , you have experienced a reaction to a temporary " black Henna " tattoo" in the past , temporary "black henna " " tattoo " may increase your risk of allergy. This prodcut ingredients which may cause skin irritation on certain individuals and preliminary test according to a accompanying directions should first be made on skin sensitivity test fir 48 hours before each prodcut use . This prodcut must not used or dyeing eyelashes or eyebrows it may cause blindness avoid contact of the prodcut with skin , eye, mucosa . rinse immediately and thoroughly with water if prodcut comes in contact with them. Rinse the hair very well after application wear suitable disposable cap and gloves .keep out of reach of children . This prodcut is not intended to be used on persons under 16 years of age. Prepare and use it in well ventilated room . Store it in a cool and dry place . Avoid exposure to sunlight and hot temperature .

Directions for use : 

lighten and bleach the hair of 4-5 tones up to level 8 , choose the desired color shade by consulting the color chart and select the appropriate oxidant emulsion 30 Vol  (9% ) .

Preparation :

pour 50 ml of magicolor crazy dyeing cream and 75 ml of oxidant emulsion into non metallic bowl . mix until a homogeneous blends is obtained the mixing ratio 1+1.5 .

P.S: do not use metallic devices ( bowl , hairpins , combs , brushes ) to apply the hair dyeing .


first dyeing application on natural hair / no colored hair : apply the color creamy blend starting from the back of the head at 2 cm from the scalp on the lengths and on the ends of hair ; leave it for laying for 20 minutes then apply on the base and leave in for 25 minutes .

regrowth and coverage of white or grey hair; apply the color creamy blend starting from the regrowth and on the roots ,leave it on hair laying time of 45 minutes , add a little quantity of  lukewarm water about 5 ml on the color creamy blend remaining and go on applying the prodcut on the lengths and on the ends of the hair and leave it laying time 5-10 minutes.

Post -color treatment at the end of the application laying time emulsify with lukewarm water and  rinse thoroughly  in order to take off any color blend residuals by using kleral's post.

Weight 100ml
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Magicreazy Hair Color Cream